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Money and Finances

Taking steps to address financial problems caused by a crime may help you and your family regain a feeling of control and security. The money and finances section includes information about protecting your finances, protecting your credit, and getting the help you need.

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When a crime happens, it can cause a variety of financial issues such as increased expenses, money problems, or difficulty working with banks or lenders.

If you have experienced a crime, you may need to fix damaged property or replace stolen items. You may not be able to access money when you need it, or you may need to repair your credit or bank accounts. The law in Arizona provides some protections for victims of crime, including possible solutions to money problems.
Some examples of increased or new expenses after a crime might include:
  • Medical or dental costs

  • Mental health services like counseling or therapy

  • Repair to damaged property

  • Replacement of stolen or damaged belongings

  • New security devices, like cameras or new locks

  • Travel or childcare to attend court

  • Legal fees if hiring a private lawyer

  • Time off from work or a loss of hours, wages, or job

  • Funeral or burial expenses

  • Higher insurance rates for home or vehicles because of a crime

Some crimes, like identity theft or scams, can directly affect your finances by:
  • Freezing your bank account or transactions

  • Charging you for items you did not buy or receive

  • Opening credit card accounts or taking out loans in your name

  • Damaging your credit score

  • Causing you to lose your home

  • Causing you to have a tax debt or other debt that is not your fault

Depending on the crime or where you live, help may be available to cover, or reimburse you for, certain expenses related to a crime.

Financial Help for Crime Victims

Arizona’s Crime Victim Bill of Rights is part of the state constitution. The Crime Victim Bill of Rights gives victims of crime the right to request restitution and compensation for certain expenses related to a crime. Restitution and Crime Victim Compensation are ways to request repayment for money you lost or had to pay for because of a crime.

Other Types of Help

Being the victim of a crime can often make it hard to meet the basic needs of you or your family, like having enough food or access to medical care. Due to a crime, you may have problems accessing money, or you may have had to pay for medical costs or take time off work.
Public help is available to people in need, regardless of if they have been victims of crime. But even if you have never requested government aid before, public help can help crime victims meet their basic needs and get back on their feet after a crime.

Protecting Your Credit

When a crime happens and your finances are affected, it can be challenging to keep up with regular bills and payments. Taking steps to protect your credit after a crime may help prevent future financial troubles.

Protecting Your Money and Identity

Each year, more than 50,000 Arizonans are victims of some type of financial fraud or scam. Some of these crimes can result in serious money problems for the victims.

Financial Resources and Help