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Victim Rights

Victims’ Rights laws are designed to provide justice, fairness, and dignity to victims. Information about your rights as a victim and how to exercise them can be found here.

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Arizona Crime Victims

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What is a crime victim?

In general, a crime victim is someone who suffers physical, mental, or financial harm as the result of another person committing a crime. When it comes to victims’ rights and the services and programs available to victims of crime in Arizona, a special definition applies.

How does Arizona Law define a crime victim?

Arizona law says that a “victim” is a person that a criminal offense has been committed against. If the person is killed or incapacitated as a result of the crime, then their spouse, parent, child, or other lawful representative is considered the victim, unless that person is in custody for an offense or is the accused.
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A “criminal offense” is defined as conduct that gives a law enforcement officer or prosecutor probable cause to believe that a felony, misdemeanor, petty offense, or violation of a local criminal ordinance has occurred.
It is important to note that to have victims’ rights and receive crime victim services and programs in Arizona, you must fit the above definition of a victim.

How is someone designated as a victim?

Someone may be identified as a victim in the legal sense after law enforcement makes initial contact with that person. If law enforcement has reasonable grounds to believe that a criminal offense with a victim has occurred, then the person the criminal offense was committed against is a victim under the law. Law enforcement must provide certain forms and information to this person.
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Why is victim status important?

It is important to know who qualifies as a crime victim because Arizona law says that victims of crime must be provided with a series of rights throughout the criminal justice process.
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