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Staying Safe

As a crime victim, you may not feel safe. This section includes information about protecting your safety and getting the help you need.

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Protecting Your Privacy

For some, staying safe might mean taking extra steps to enhance privacy. The Arizona Address Confidentiality program can help certain victims protect their privacy. A name change is sometimes useful for victims hoping to protect their privacy.
What is the Address Confidentiality Program?
The Arizona Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) is a program that helps victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and/or stalking from being found through public records. The program provides a substitute address and confidential mail forwarding services.

Participants in the program use the substitute address instead of their real address on documents. The substitute address replaces a person's home, work, or school address. State and local government agencies must accept the substitute address issued by the ACP.

The ACP accepts all First Class, registered, certified and election mail for the participants. Mail is then sent to their real address at no cost.

The Address Confidentiality Program website can be found here

Safety Resources and Help